Prayer for Revival

This is a prayer for revival prayed by my favorite teacher- Nancy Leigh DeMoss at revive our hearts.(
This prayer has touched my heart and among the many things I pray, some of the things in this prayer has become my cry to the Lord for me and my generation. I believe in launching my blog with a prayer and I think this is a powerful prayer that echoes my heart cry for revival.

“Oh, Lord, we pray for revival of obedience in our hearts as women. Lord, may we come under your authority and be willing to come under the authorities you have given us in church and in our homes. I pray Lord for a revival of obedience, a revival of submission to God ordained authorities.

I pray, Lord, that as women we would be patient and tender hearted and compassionate. That you would give to us a meek and a quiet spirit that wives whose husbands who do not obey the word may be won over without a word, as wives clothe themselves in the meekness and gentleness of Jesus Christ.

I pray Lord, that women would be known as women who love their husbands,love their children, and that they would be encouragers. Forgive us Lord, for so often with our tongues destroying our homes, our relationships, our churches. May we speak only words, as Ephesians 4 says “that builds up, that minister grace to the hearers”.

Oh Lord, we pray for a revival of humility and surrender, that we would just relinquish control and not feel like we always have to be in charge, always have to have the last word.

Lord, I pray for a revival of humbling ourselves. I know so many men feel the pressure and the weight of the women around them knowing so much scripture and making them feel inferior. Lord I pray that the knowledge you give to us of your word would not puff us up, but that we would be clothed in love that is humble, and that we would be encouragers of our Pastors, of husbands, of the men you have placed in leadership in the body of Christ, that we would not be whiners, not murmurers, not complainers.

Give us Lord a spirit of contentment satisfied with what you have provided and not demanding that we have more or that things go our way.

Oh, Lord, we pray that, as we, as women take our place under your authority, and in quietness and subjection, as you have directed, that you would then encourage the men to be the leaders and the men that you intend them to be.

Oh Lord, make us obedient, revived, humble hearted, broken women. For Jesus sake I pray it, amen.”


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