The Old Testament way- Shadow of the new. Part-1

All through the Old Testament theme, we notice, the call and commission of God was always “Go ye and fill the earth…” and “subdue the nations.” This Almighty God blessed his children with numerous blessings. Materially and physically prospering them, so as to say, the neighboring nations were jealous of this God or sometimes fearful of His ways. They envied his favor over the children of Israel.

 God gave to his children, a land flowing with milk and honey, good houses to stay, that their hands did not work for, health and victory over their enemies, children as a reward from God, and the count goes on and on…

There were consequences too, when man sinned. Famine, diseases, unsettlement were a few and to add to it many curses like barrenness and certain incurable diseases which put people in isolation and rejection.
So in essence people were only concerned about filling the earth and living right. So that God would meet their needs and they would be successful in whatever they do.

 God constantly challenged them to subdue the nations and inherit the land. Eyes of the people were always on the land, the mystery of the gospel was unknown to them.

When Jesus came down as a man, He took the form of God on earth fulfilling many prophesies, an answer to many prayers and as a light to many failing eyes. But the people did not realize His mission. They wanted a King who would overthrow the Romans. Their eyes were always on the gifts and success. They had been living that way since they could ever remember.

Their eyes sought and their hearts ached to see their Lord on the throne. Yes the disciples loved him, they loved to hang around with this Rabbi, they loved the parables, and in the end, they wanted Him to overthrow the Romans, to become the King, to continue the teaching of old to subdue the nations and fill the earth…

John the Baptist, as he was rotting away in the prison asked, “Are you the one or should we wait for another?” Simon Peter loved the presence of Jesus more than anything and knew the words of eternal life are with Him. He said “let’s make 3 houses for You…” and in another occasion said “let not this happen to You”(with regards to Jesus’ death on the cross.

Contiued as Part 2.


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