How Grace ministered to me.

This is an email I wrote to my Pastor in the beginning of this year to let him know how one sermon made an impact on me and helped me to sail the past year depending on God’s grace and what His grace did to me.

Dear Pastor,

Since you were not there for the watch night service, I did not get to tell you about a sermon that touched me sometime last year and how it helped me through the whole last year with regards to my calling. It was one sermon that you gave on Gods grace. At the end of it you challenged the church saying, “I challenge you to go home and call on Gods grace when you face a situation that you cannot do yourself.” I took that challenge and since I was going through a tough time of dealing with sickness and working hard at home with two little children and no help, not being able to talk to an adult sometimes for 16-17 hrs straight ( on the days Ani worked), not able to take the children out, being stuck at home without seeing another person for maybe 3 days in a row and all in all I could not face all these things myself.

I went home that day and took this challenge. I have to tell you that was like a tool in my hand. I called out for grace when I could not go another minute on my own. God’s grace translated as emotional endurance to deal with the children all day, physical strength to carry out the duties I had, the perseverance to be able to serve my husband when he came back after a LONG day of work when I myself had a LONG LONG day and wanted to call it a day even before he came home, provision of good neighbors who stepped in at times to play with the children and to spend time with us. I made it to the end of the year depending on Gods grace alone and it worked miracles for our family. Though these are things I don’t usually tell others, Anichayn thought I should write this email to both of you and let you know, how a sermon can help someone who is seemingly busy watching and attending two children in the pew to make it to the end of the year without failing God.

May this help you and encourage you to receive form God more pearls that you can share with us in the coming year. God bless your ministry!

In His Grace,



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