Evaluating my effectiveness as a "helper."

This is a questionnaire I made recently to investigate my effectiveness as a helper to my husband which I think is one of my callings in life. I had my husband sit down and read through this questionnaire( that’s him doing it!) and give me feedback. I believe, if we women realize that one of our calling is to be a helper to our husbands, our families are going to experience a pace that we have never had before and that pace will bring forth a spiritual renewal  in our families.
So here it is
What is the purpose of my life?
What role does marriage play in my life purpose?
Do I believe that when God created me, he had in mind that he was creating a helper to my husband?
 If I believe it, how do I define my role as a helper to my husband?
Do I believe that when God created me, he was creating me to complete/ fill the gaps he has? ( not talking about the God shaped void only He can fill.)
If I believe it, how would I define my role in filling the gaps, meeting his needs?
The following questions are to be asked/discussed with your husband.
Do you see me as your helper?
What is one area you would like me to help you with? ( many areas welcome.)
What is one need of yours that I have been ignorant about, that you wish I met?
Are there any areas you wish I could change?
Are there any areas you felt I was controlling you?
 How would you like me to relinquish control / accept my role as a helper not  a controller.
What are your goals for our marriage?
How can I help you meet them?
Lord, when you made Adam, you saw that he was lonely. Your answer was a helper made to fill his gaps, meet his needs and thereby remove his loneliness. I realize this is why I have been made. Help me Lord to be helper to this man. Help me to relinquish control and receive his leadership with graceful submission. 
Lord, you strengthen me when I become weary of pouring out. You renew me when I am spent on giving myself up. You give me the grace to meet all his needs and to help him in this journey. Help me to do all these without expecting anything in return Lord. For when you came to this earth, you came to serve and not to be served.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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