What Is My Identity?

(This post was intended before the previous post. Somehow, when I got to edit it, the order changed.)

When God created us, he put in us a lot of instincts. One of them being the protective instinct. I believe our environment plays a huge role in influencing this protective instinct. For eg, if I had not been given an opportunity to express my rights, I will grow up with an urge or a resolve to protect my rights. I will be very touchy when it comes to my “rights.”

Obviously God gave me this instinct to live responsibly and to make wise choices for the glory of God. He did not put that instinct, like many other instincts, to react in the way I want. Instead everything He has put in me, is for me to know Him more, be like Him more,and to glorify Him more.

Because we live in a fallen world, all of us have been tampered by the wiles of this world. Our personality is partly our reaction to the influences thrust-ed at us . Before we know Jesus and His salvation, this identity of ours, that are developed overtime as a reaction to the influences around us, is called the “old nature.” After we know Jesus Christ, we confess our sins and God forgives us. At some point we realize that we still carry the old nature in us.

Lately the Holy Spirit reminded me of some old nature that were still intact in me. Not only it was intact, I was protecting it as though they were my identity.  I knew the verse, those that confesses their sins shall find mercy. I searched what I was protecting against the scriptures and in no time I saw that I was protecting the old man or the old nature. As long as I protect it, I am not giving it a chance to die.

I decided to confess my old nature and receive mercy from God. That is when I started experiencing freedom. I want to crucify my flesh along with all its desires on the cross and put on brotherly compassion, kindness, and humility. Its so difficult to reach there. Trusting in the grace of God to make me more and more like Him.


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