Teaching Truthfulness

If there is one thing we could stress enough while raising children it is the need to instill truthfulness in them. We do this intentionally in various ways. Some ways being, we have high regard for truth both spoken and action in our lives. We depend on Gods grace to live truthfully even when it costs us.

We are intentional about living it out before children while we are on the road, keeping our speed check, obeying the laws of the land, not using the “returns accepted without questions” service of the stores unreasonably. ( we have used it but only for the reasons it exists for)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not exalting self righteousness here. I intend to disclose this with much humility and depending on the grace and righteousness of God and not mine. My intention is to show there is a higher standard we can live by and strive to attain. We have to be intentional in instilling them in our children.

We do not encourage idle talk. Yet, we see so much of this in our house everyday. I am putting a lot of effort to have Abigail think before she speaks. I myself am learning the “why” of the “what” I speak. So this is an example of a conversation I had with Abigail.
Mom:  Abi finish your milk and run the cup to the sink.
After 5 minutes
Mom:  Abi, are you done?
Abi:    Mom, I am tired, so I can’t finish my milk.
Mom: Abi you just woke up half hour ago, so you can’t be tired. Besides, that is not a reason why you should not finish your milk.
Abi:    But I don’t want to finish it.
Mom: Next time can you tell me just that. Don’t say you can’t drink it because you are tired. Just say I am done and I don’t need any more.
Abi: OK.

So I am in this habit of making her think truthfully. To make Abigail analyze her thoughts, to help her discover herself more. I want her to know the “why” of “what” she says. And with all these things I am doing, I am not raising perfect kids, or saved kids. But trusting in the grace of God I am kneeling and forever praying that God in his mercy would use all these to SOMEHOW save her from herself and the world.


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