Separating light from the dark

” No more writing or blogging until we get the clothes organized.”
I gladly accepted my husband’s admonition as I myself was growing increasingly weary of the piles of laundry that either needed to be put away or sorted. One thing I am always behind on is laundry.

I have waited so long as to now bury myself under the loads of laundry. Every year I resolve that I would tackle and tame this laundry monster. Getting them washed and dried is fine, but putting them away- Now, that is a TASK. Especially when you have to constantly pack away onesies that the baby outgrows and confused between which is whose?

I just remember Daniel wearing them and now I am putting it away in Josh’s cubby? Wait… so can Dani still fit into this? or is it little bigger for Josh?

 I am no where close to organizing. So that’s where I will be. If you don’t see me for couple of days, I am buried alive under at least 3 loads of laundry waiting for me.

So, off I go to separate light from the dark…. and is it not what God did after he created the light and dark?


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