A High Temperature Anniversary

Celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary today. It was a memorable one this year. One that I will never forget. We spend our anniversary day in the urgent care with three sick kids, two with high fever, one with viral croup, the wait in the pharmacy to fill in the presciption was the longest ever, came back home only to spend the rest of the morning cleaning up vomits, somehow trying to get the medicine in them and rocking the babies with high temps.

We somehow got the kids to take a nap and sneaked out to Mimi’s Cafe for a quick lunch. Yes, the temp of love was high!

In the midst of all this, I am so blessed to be the wife of this godly man. Two great men came into my life. One at age 14, He completely captured my heart and the destiny of my life. His name was Jesus. Then came my husband 11 years ago in to my life, on this same day, and the love has only grown. Loving Jesus has only helped loving my husband more. I embrace my life, my husband, his calling, our failures, our lows, our highs, our messes and all!


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