What are some things you are unable to?

I am unable to give grace when I am hurt
I am unable to love someone when they mistreat me
I am unable to hold my tongue from judging/ criticizing others when it directly involves me
I am unable to walk humbly before the Lord at all times
I am unable to devoid myself of all glory and practice giving glory to God at all times
I am unable to patiently discipline the children at all times ( I yell and scream..YES, I do!)

What are some things you want to do, you know is the right thing to do, but unable to do? Leave a comment or email and we can probe the scriptures together as to what the bible wants you to do.



  1. This is a comment Annie emailed me.

    Thanks for writing this! Today morning I was reading the beatitudes (Matt. 5: 3-12) and two things stood out to me. Blessed are the poor in spirit – I felt God was calling me to be poor in my “self” issues – not self-assertive, self-reliant, self-confident, self-centered or self-sufficient. The second is blessed are the merciful. Our inadequacy and need for mercy comes due to our own shortcomings, and in receiving His mercy I am able to give mercy.

    As I read your blog, I want to affirm you for your hunger for righteousness for the verse says they shall be satisfied!
    Annie Kallimel


  2. as human beings we are unable to do all these things posted here and many more i would say.Wouldnt we be God if we are perfect in every way.Its always nice to be good but we falter and that is life.But there's on thing i try to do most times.i dont keep grudges agnst people(thats what i think so).i have learnt to understand that as long as i can err everybody else can too.


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