Normal is Never Default

When I envision about future, I have a tendency to see me as the crowned queen in the land of normalcy. Where hope always reigns and perfection is always a constant. Not so, in this fallen real life. In God’s school of sanctification, “normal and perfect” are never default.

It is in turmoil, I learn, God never changes.
It is in pain, I learn, God comforts.
It is in devastation that I learn, God builds.
It is when overthrown, I learn, God holds.
It is when discouraged I learn, that God encourages.
It is when I give up, I learn that God is not done with me, yet…!

If normal and perfect were default, this sinner would have been left without grace. It is because I am normal and not perfect, I am able to trade my ashes for his beauty; his clothing for my nakedness; his dance for my mourning.

As much as I hate changes and failures, I accept it, knowing God is good enough, big enough, to carry me through this; sanctify me through this, and someday by His grace will bring me to a land where there is no more changes, no more imperfection, no more pain, no more discouragement, no more failures, no more giving up.


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