The Dripping Faucet

Her little hands wrapped my mouth tight,
she whispered “mama that’s so loud, its night.”
Still the faucet continued dripping;
But the truth she conveyed was gripping!

Though overwhelmed by the water bill,
the words of my mouth paused still…
I was ashamed that I had been yelling.
My little girl stepped in to do some killing;
of the rage and rush that followed my telling.

I turned to my son who left the faucet dripping,
It was time I did some bidding.
“How many times I’ve told ya’?
How many times I’ve taught ya’?

Still u waste so much water;
You need to give this piece some matter.”
Oh, he looked at me so helpless!
his two year old hands so aimless.
“Son I know, you are just growing,
Its OK mama’s got to do some knowing.”

Dear Lord, I pray you take away my yelling,
your grace in my heart, ever so swelling.
Cause me to think, be firm and loving
This I plead as I do my calling.


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