Progression of Deception

Deception begins at the heart, but does not stay dormant. It has great potential. If not exposed and surrendered, it grows into a “movement” that stands itself against everything God and His kingdom stands for. It starts as bitterness that is not surrendered, and has not been healed by the Master. Over time it learns to protect itself through the path of deception, but does not stay at that. It grows…yes it grows and takes root and aims at the destruction of every other root. I pray that we do not take this lightly, but ask God to focus His spotlight upon our deceitful hearts and tame this heart to obey Christ.

This is the portrait of a deceitful heart that has already grown and taken roots.

Her cheer is against our calling;
Her confidence is destroying,
Her countenance is confusing,
Her charm is often used to captivate.
Her company leaves casualties.

Her arrogance is an arrow aimed at brokenness of the godly ones.
Her stronghold is selfish ambition;
Her vocation is idolatry,
Her high place is deception.
There she sits enthroned, determined to destroy  godly heritages;
to kill the widow with her “mite”
and persecute the powerless with their light.

She sacrifices the reputation of the godly;
She sits in the pew and martyrs them madly.
She is a lamb in wolves clothing.
She slows down Salmons that swim against the culture.

She is the Jezebel of yesterday
She is the liberator of today.
She, she alone, is “the Mystery Babylon” of Revelation!

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

Galatians 6:7


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