First-Aid for the First Generation Believers

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Who is a First Generation Believer?

I have been a first generation believer for so long now. That means, I was the first one to step out from my family to be a radical believer of Jesus Christ. I am walking a path different from what my parents wanted for me, coz Jesus took the veil out of my eyes and showed me the path of a disciple. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was 14 years old. By now, I have tackled some good credentials under my belt as to what it is to be a loner Jesus freak called to honor those who are not.
Where is my allegiance now?
It is a truth that friends cannot be a substitute for family. No one can replicate the love of parents. God has put us in families because He wants the basic lessons of love and trust to be formed and taught in families. However when we become believers, He puts us in a different family. He expects our allegiance be to our Heavenly Father and His family the church. This in no way minimize our responsibilities to our earthly family or the command to honor our parents. We should in fact become better at loving our earthly family now since we have known the love of God in our hearts. Now we can love them with the unselfish, unconditional love of God. We can depend on God for grace to go all the way in showing them honor without compromising on our beliefs. 
Standing up for what I believed in was a process for me
You see I was really confused for a long time in my life. Bible calls us to honor our unbelieving parents. It also calls to stand up for what we believe in. I could not figure that out. How do my folks possibly understand when I say, “Dad, Mom, I love you, I respect you, but I have to do so and so, though it is disrespectful to you.” Talk about controversy! Even if I wanted to stand up for what I believed in, I did not know how to explain it to them. I would give up at their first scrutiny regarding the Messiah. This was my personal experience when I was a young Christian.
Over the years God has added to my faith goodness, to goodness, knowledge, to knowledge, self control, to self control, perseverance, and to perseverance, godliness, and to godliness, brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness, love (2 Pet 1:5-7). As I grew in these qualities, it has kept me from being ineffective and unproductive in my knowledge of Jesus. And so did my confidence in Jesus increase.
I can stand up for my beliefs now. I can love them at the same time differ with them now. I hurt inside, coz I wish they approve of the vision God has given me, but I am not playing any double games. I am not giving up Jesus to look good for them. I am not trying to get into their shoe and feel for them only to differ with the scriptures. I take their disapproval to the cross. I plead my Father’s mercy on the ones I love.
The Danger
When all this is possible now through the Love we have known, there is also a danger that lurks behind the selfish hold of our unbelieving earthly family on us, that if we fail to recognize can lead to jeopardizing our zeal for the Lord. The objective of this article is to reveal the selfish holds that could originate from the authority vested in the unbelieving parents towards their believing children.

Who you worship reveals what you live for

As long the Lord is not their God, they have their own gods. For some, name and fame is their god, for some it is prosperity, for some it is establishing their own securities, for yet a few it is unending educational pursuits. As a believer the Lord’s instruction to us is clear. We are to set apart Christ as Lord in our hearts. No more serving any small ‘g” gods but to serve the only one God. We should be careful to overcome the temptation to prove to our parents, our worth and wanting to look good in their eyes by serving these pursuits.
Who you worship reveals how you love
As long as the Lord is not their God they have not experienced true love and hence their love is selfish. We can save ourselves many heartaches by not giving into the myth that our unbelieving parents will always stand for us. This is in fact true for any earthly relationship. People are not like God and so their love is limited and selfish. Don’t expect them to always understand and always be perfect in their love for us. Our hearts should always find satisfaction in God’s love and not be waiting and seeking to be filled only by the love of any human especially, unbelieving parents. If we don’t get this truth heartache and bitterness are our imminent pals.
Who you worship reveals what you stand for
As long the Lord is not their God, somebody else is and so they would oppose any Godly leading, godly agendas, the work of God’s hands in and through our lives. Some declare war evidently and some subtly by trying to rub their influence on us. Blessed is the man who discerns this subtle pull to identify themselves with the agenda of an unbelieving authority over him, yet honoring and respecting that authority. Many have lost their perfect call upon them in pleasing their unbelieving parents, by giving into the subtle deception of doing the Lord’s battles incorporating into their belief,s a mixture of idealism founded in the influence of their unbelieving parents.
Come out of the mold

Khuon Banh Flan 1.2 - Cream Caramel Mold 1.2
Calling all first generation believers to understand the purpose of the Almighty upon your lives and peel away the influence that exerts pressure to squeeze you into any mold outside of God’s purposes for you. Find your ultimate approval in doing His will and fill your heart with His love. Be encouraged by the fellowship of the saints. Love and honor your unbelieving parents more than ever, but be always loyal to the family of God and live with your allegiance declared to Christ and His church. 


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