Some of My Recent Prayers

Woman staying with raised hands at the sunset time Stock Photo - 14157683

I have found myself praying these prayers recently and I hope this will be a blessing to someone to know what are some areas I find difficult to overcome and for which I call out to God. These are just some of my prayers, not an exhaustive list.

“God help me to put myself at the receiving end of your grace and not at the receiving end of the disapproval of people. Where sin abound, may grace abound even more.” Romans 5:20

“God grant unto me the spirit of humility to the point of being able to consider others above myself, at the same time being able to differ with grace to anything against your truth.” Phil 2:3

“God help me to capture every thought that is against your knowledge as quickly as it rises, and to teach them to obey Christ and continue in this until victory is won in that area.” 2 Cor 10:5

“Jesus, what is started in the Spirit, let it not be finished in the flesh. If what you have started in me takes time, help me to be patient and if that burns some roots in me, help me to be yielding.” Gal 3:3

“Lord help me to be the one who lifts others up, to be a builder of others with gracefulness in speech, and to invest in other lives without any sense of entitlement.” 1 Thess 5:11, Eph 4:29

“Grant unto me the wisdom to use the gifts you have called me in the right places and not to spill for unwanted causes. Help me to execute your gifts for the cause of growing your kingdom.” 1Cor 12:7-8; James 3:17-18.

What are some of your recent prayers?


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