Growing Roots When Awaiting Home

Cross section of soil with grass and a green plant in the middle, with its roots. Stock Photo - 11779740

I made an interesting discovery. Not only plants grow roots, I do too!

God happened to be tugging at some of them, boy, they are STRONG! Until recently I never knew I grow roots. I have been learning, that the hurt, pain and heartaches that follow me is due to my Master cutting and severing at some of my roots. You know the story of Him purchasing me some years ago. But ever since that happened, He has been slowly nipping away at my roots, to get me ready to go home.

You see, He owns me. My roots has its claws around the goodies of this world. I will never look like Him as long as I am growing downwards. He wants me to grow upwards. He wants me to think of things above. He wants me to live as though I have one leg in heaven and one leg on earth. He wants me to be rooted in Him not in the world.

Every year He prunes me and severs some of the roots. One root that has been so stubborn is the root of loving the approval of people.

I liked people.

I liked it when they smiled at me.

I was taught to work for their smiles.

I liked it when people thought good of me.

I liked it more when they shared it with me.

I liked it some more when I could keep it happening again and again.

For that, I needed to compromise some.

Not everyone liked what I liked.

So I tried to do what they liked or in other words, I performed.

One day they said they liked my performance, the next day they say, they like somebody else’s.

I performed like that somebody else, at least I tried.

The day after, its someone else they like. I try again.

 I make some circles.

I lose my identity. I become someone else.

If I don’t, Oh, I miss those smiles.

I miss those good feelings I got from those smiles.

Without it, it can be lonely. So alone.

I gave people and their approval the power to define me. If the last word was their approval, the first was my lost purpose and a strong root downwards.

That is when God started nipping at my roots.

He tugged, I protected.       female hands holding a small maple tree over a green grass background Stock Photo - 13443853

He pulled, I cried.

He nipped, I begged.

He shook em’,  I demanded

He severed,  and I finally surrendered.

One more root painfully exposed and severed. Many more awaiting to be pulled. As I lost one root, I felt light. I don’t have to work so hard now. I am free or I am free-er than before.

Then I understood what He thought when He said, “My yoke is gentle and light, learn from me. Pleasing me is not as hard as pleasing people, because I have bought you with an everlasting love and love you with an unconditional love.”


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