"I Like my Church ICA Because…"

Sojourner : misty road on the pilgrimage to santiago

I am a sojourner passing by. God has allowed me to stop by various places to serve and to be served. My church India Christian Assembly has been one such stop for me. As my church celebrates 25 years of God’s goodness and sustenance, I am grateful to have stopped by to serve and to be served in the purpose of making known the glory of a King, whose I am, and whose kingdom we are building!

I like my Church ICA because…,
1) Figured my purpose in life- For a long time after my salvation experience, I thought the purpose in my life was to achieve what I wanted to and that God was a factor who would help me attain that. It was at ICA in one of the sermons titled “The Glory of God” I learned that I exist to pursue the glory of God. It was both new to me and life changing and since then I dedicated my life to glorify God.
2) Found forgiveness- I have been here 10 years growing as a believer in Christ. That also means, looking back at the “me” behind, I see an “immature me”. I shake my head because I don’t quite like the “me” of my yesterdays. If I was in the world, I would have been wounded without mercy. I would have grown weary without grace. I thank God for the people in ICA who graciously allowed me the forgiveness and the room that I needed in my growth in Christ. Thank you for not giving up on me that this lame was not put out of joint but healed (Heb 12:13).
3) Fiery sermons and Faithful teachings- It was here that I sat down under faithful men of God as they diligently served the undiluted word of God and allowed my heart to soak it up and grow in His image. I have found freedom in many areas of my life. One occasion I specifically recall was on a recent bible study as Pastor Alex was teaching on the life of King Saul, he taught us how King Saul’s life began and how it ended. I recall sitting there and praying in my heart, “Lord it does not matter how I began or how I am doing now, but whatever it takes, help me to be able to finish well.”
4) Friendships that are meaningful and deep- If I am allowed to take credit for one thing, I thank God He has allowed me to choose good friends. I have made some heart to heart, deep connections  and friendships here at ICA. Whether it is some kindred spirits (people in the same season as I am in), with who I could sit and burn the midnight lamp, or mentors– older women who walk the talk, challengers– these friends have been used by God to challenge me to change, or intercessors- friends who intercede for me at the dial of a button and wouldn’t stop interceding until I dial that button again, all of them make my life rich and I am glad to be in this continual debt of love (Romans 13:8).
5) Family- I am a first generation believer and nobody in my family is a believer yet. That means, when I need to vent, when I need to be understood, when I need to laugh or cry, I am glad I have a family of believers to meet that need. If inanimate objects could rise up to testify on the judgement day, my refrigerator would testify of all the good meals it held, that was lovingly brought by the ICA family on various occasions, my cabinets and closets would also testify of the love gifts from this church. 
Children were born to us here and our children died here. Both were handled with dignity and in a way that glorified God. ICA welcomed our newborns to earth as blessings from the Lord and ICA stood with us to send off our children to heaven with thanksgiving unto the Lord. 
Lastly, there is no perfect church. It is only a myth on this side of eternity, but I am glad to have played a part in the sanctification of this church and I pray that God would reserve many knees here (including mine) that will not bow down to idols and His lamp would continually burn in our midst.  
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