2013- Intentional in the Immediate, the Inconvenient and the Important

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We loved playing marbles when we were children. All my childhood memories about games are that of aiming hard and throwing long and making big! Then the applause and the adrenaline that follows the victory. The games we played portrayed the request of our culture and the voice of our values. At about age 10 or so, I had a game plan for life and that was- aim hard, throw long and make big.

It was all about the Big, the Best and the Beautiful. Every family dinner the topic revolved around who made it big, who was the best and who was beautiful. Growing up in a culture like that, the manthra of the big, the best and beautiful was packed into every ounce of me. As a child my foundations were not built on the truth of the scriptures, or on trusting God.

Due to some unfortunate upbringing that was not intentional, a desire for people’s approval was also growing in me. Satan always know, just what and what to combine and begin to weave a domino effect in your childhood itself, so your life will start to crumble down just when you think you made it. In my life the combination was the desire of people’s approval and the mantra of the big, the best and the beautiful. These ingredients were dangerous and the recipe sure called for disaster! This is exactly how my life turned out to be.

When I became a child of God, sadly, the messages I heard was in harmony with the the mantra I grew up with. I did not realize it was a far cry from carrying my cross, dying daily, trusting God, and walking in the path of obedience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anti-hedonist playing down the joy of the Lord or dreaming big for God. I am fully aware of the big God I serve and that His wisdom I cannot contain. He is also a God who gives great emphasis on building on sure foundation.

God is calling me this coming year to focus on the immediate, the inconvenient, and the important.
Waves of apostasy is going to hit this year and it will always come as the big, the beautiful and the best. I sense as an individual and as a family we will be given choices that will test our values. So this year, we need to be focused on our vision. We need to be sure footed on our foundations.

I may sound radical when I say this, but personally, I am going to focus on the small and the neglected areas in my life this year. From the years of growing up to become big, the best and beautiful, this is a call back, cutting back and coming back to the foundations for me. I want to be built on sure foundations, I want to be faithful in small things and focus intentionally to be a good steward in the immediate, the inconvenient and the important. What those are is another blog post.

Happy New Year to you. My Pastor always says there are three types of people in the world. One who learns from the mistake of others and do not make the same mistake; the ones who makes mistake and learns from their own mistake; the ones who makes mistake and never learns. I am the one in the middle and I make it plain so you would be the one above me and not the one below!! Happy New Year to you!
2013 : Happy New Year 2013 with Green World  Happy new year s eve with snow and green world sphere


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