One Month of Schooling Over

Some years ago when I started this blog, I had in mind to keep a record of our schooling days, so that someone who wants to do this might find helpful to plan and organize, and my children themselves can look at all the work we did and be grateful to God for this journey. 
We officially started schooling in the first week of August this year. Abigail is doing first grade and Daniel is doing a mixture of  K4 and K5. Since he is  only 4 we have  plenty of time to decide what to do with him. 
Most of the days I had to prepare beforehand and by the end of  the day I was found without any energy. Truly I am thankful for the calling to do this.  I have questioned myself and doubted doing this but in the end, I only had God’s call upon our lives to rely on.  The will of God will not  lead you, where the grace of God cannot sustain you. 

First Day of School

                                                    Josiah and His Antics!

Abigail’s First Test                  

Children Pretending to be Sailors Inside Their Very Own Mayflower Ship

Josiah entertains himself (most of the time!) during school with legos or books

Abi has picked up cursive writing as you can see

Pretend Play (There is plenty of this everyday)

One and only customers for their produce stand

Three Little Pigs and Their Homes ( I made this to teach them place value in math)

Some Phonics and Handwriting- Abigail

Place Value Using Three Little Pigs 

A Regular School day

Abigail Finished Reading Her First Book

The Boys Nap in the Afternoon

Giant Pea pod -Craft time with Abigail and Daniel

I Love These Three Little Pups!

Given another chance I will choose to do this by grace in a heartbeat again.

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  1. I really, really love what you're doing….love the little classroom and the three PIGGIES and the giant peapod…and the little boy with the curly hair and the legos.


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