Thankful For "Horsies"

There were many tears in our home school yesterday. There were at least couple of anger outbursts that I caught and disciplined. The day was not going anywhere. These responses from the children triggered anger in me too. I demanded obedience and joy from them. In my mind I listed the sacrifices and the hard work that I put into the day and I reasoned that I could not possibly take their ungratefulness.  I send the problem child to her room twice to regroup (better said- mama needed time to take a deep breath), still no use.

I decided to take a break and find out if something was causing the children stress or anxiety. I went to their room, sat down on the floor and talked to the child. I told them I was sorry for my anger. We prayed together in the midst of more tears. I read them a book and then another one. When the last page was read, their eyes were dry and the child told me, “Mama I really tried to come to school with a smile and to do everything with joy, but i just can’t.. it’s so hard.

I understood her pain. I was careful not to overload her work. I had scheduled plenty of break time and play time in between schooling. But still the cursive writing, the  spelling drills and endless math facts were too much for the poor soul. Something in me told me to step back and give the child plenty of love and call the day off. She works hard, she tries to smile, lately she has shown good attitudes, it was time I give her a long break.
Our family vacation that was coming up in 2 days would suspend the school for one week, Getting back to school after vacation would take another couple of days, I could not afford losing school days, but I needed to take a day off and enjoy my children. We went for a walk though the weather was chilly, and stopped by the neighborhood ranch to watch some horses. I drilled them on things to be grateful for and they were thankful for “horsies.” We spend the rest of the day eating chocolate chip cookies, taking a nap with mama in the family bed (aka sardine-spread) and reading more books.


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