(Happy?) 100 Days in School

Today we celebrated our 100th day in school, of the current school year.  I had planned with the kids that we would have a celebration. I really can’t believe I survived or on second thoughts, they survived. Most days felt like holocaust. It was swimming against the grains of my selfishness and flesh.

It is interesting, if you ask me what I like doing, I would say without a hesitation that it is homeschooling that I love the most, yet when it comes to implementing it, I have chickened out.  I learnt that desire itself was not enough to sustain me in this path.

I remember the many vulnerable days when I was forced to give what I did not have, the many quick, arrow, instant prayers made asking God for grace, the selfishness that was exposed in myself and children, the joy of seeing them grow in grace, the delight of seeing Christ formed in them, the difficult cross roads where they stopped and made godly choices (to our surprise), the times when our jaws dropped when they made us proud with some- out of the ordinary behavior, also the times when we wanted to hide and disown them for humiliating our parental pride, and how the MANY times when I thought I blew it, God’s grace covered it and made it good. Thankful for all these instances in my life.

If anything, homeschooling has sanctified me and humbled me.

We celebrate 100 days of God’s guidance and sustenance and many many more yet to come!

Miss “joy” updating her morning calendar board.

We spiced up our celebration with a hearty breakfast- Dosa letters and cheesy egg delight in heart shape.

My friend remarked, “whatever did you tell these survivors to smile wholeheartedly!”

Miss “Joy” and Mr. “devotion” with their cheesy egg delight heart.

We took it a notch higher in the afternoon with home made pizza and taking it to share with our friends at their home. 
No, it wasn’t all food, though it seemed so, we had some schooling done too. 
Children, there are many ways we can live, many choices we can make, but listen intently to that small little voice that calls you to higher places and though the road may seem rough and lonely, tarry for long obedience in the same direction. 
But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37

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