DART( Discover Appetites and Refocus Them) Prayers

DART Prayers

DARt : Dart in red target

For the next forty days our church has called for a corporate fast. It is going to be a season of humbling ourselves and seeking God in a way the bible encourages us to do. It is an intentional, yet grace enabled effort to soak ourselves with prayers– for ourselves and others.

As a wife and mother with many responsibilities including homeschooling three children 6 and under, I wondered if this was something I could do. Where am I going to find time to pray? How will I fast? How many days? How many meals? Will I be able to focus and work? What if I am too tired to do my work? What if I start and be tempted to eat?

I realized that the reason why I cannot hunger after God is because I am hungering after the things of this world. As John Piper says, “It is the constant nibbling at the table of the world that keeps my hunger away from God.”

My 3 year old runs to me impatiently, as I get his meals ready, asking for raisins and animal crackers. He throws a tantrum just before meal time everyday demanding these two snacks. Some days I give in and gives it to him just so I could get him off my legs (and keep my skirt on me!). Those days he is already full by the time I get meals on the table. He has been nibbling on his snacks. He is not hungry for the feast. It does not matter what I put on the table, if he is not hungry, he does not enjoy what I offer him. That is the way with us too. We live in a world where the table of the world takes away our focus. If it is not snacking on entertainment, it is snacking on the attainments that beckons us to make us successful.

I decided to take these matters to the Lord in prayer. I also decided to write out a journey of discovering my appetites and refocusing them. In the process the word “dart” dawned on me. DART is an acronym that I coined to remind me fasting is to Discover Appetites and Refocus Them; and then PRAY. I am going to do DART prayers.
The dictionary meaning of DART is- a small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired. It also means an act of running somewhere suddenly and rapidly as in “dart across the field.” The next 40 days I want to encourage you to pray focused intentional missile prayers pointed to heaven- DART Prayers. I also want to encourage you to move forward or run with endurance this race that is set before us which is the christian life.

Dear Jesus, we pray that you would help us to take this season of humbling ourselves seriously. We pray you would help us do grace enabled fasting that finds you as our sustenance. You are the bread of life. We pray that you would come and fill us with the bread that we need these days as we set ourselves apart to you and away from the bread that used to sustain us. Help us to discover our appetites that attracts us to the table of the world and refocus them toward you with a great hunger for your presence, Amen.

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