He bids Me to Break My Jar

Yellow metal coins spilling from a jar. Stock Photo - 16426627

I have an alabaster jar. A beautiful jar. I have always had this jar. From what I remember, it was not always full. I have always looked forward to see it full. With that intent I dreamed. My dreams became prayers. My prayers became my passion. My passion became my work.  I sought God to fill my jar. I worked hard to fill my jar.

I dreamed that my jar would be unique. Filling my jar gave me a purpose to live. I was fully occupied with filling my jar, all day. Occasionally I drifted and found other things interesting, but then I would come back and grieve that I had forgotten about the jar.

People have asked me, why are you so intent on filling this jar? Is that all your life about? I told them I was filling my jar for the King. He gave me the jar and told me to do business with it, until He comes, so I wanted to make ten times more and  give my King, a full jar.

Sometimes, I wondered though if it was really worth it to leave all the pleasures behind, and be so focused on filling my jar. But all the doubts and the hard work were rewarded as the ounces kept growing. Oh, the joy of seeing my jar nearly full!

My jar was filled with the oil of potential. I thought my king could use the potential. I knew my King to be the one who was valiant. Sure, He would need potential in His kingdom.

My jar was filled with the oil of possibilities. My king is all about advancing into new areas. I knew He would be thrilled to find out all the possibilities. I dreamed of my King using the possibilities to advance His name.

My jar was filled with the oil of hard work. My King was known to reward hard work. I did not waste time, but filled my jar with hard work.

May jar is filled with the oil of great name and fame. Which King wouldn’t want someone with great name and fame? I couldn’t wait to let my King use the name and fame to advance his kingdom.

My jar is precious to me. It is more than a year’s wages. I kept it safe and did not want anything to happen to it. The news about a full jar spread wide. Many came to see my jar. Some were inspired and  were set to get their own jars. Some mocked. Some were indifferent. Some were envious.

I would not let anyone break my jar. It gave me value; It was my identity; It was my joy.

They told me, “the King is here, come…and hear Him.”

I went to hear the King. I took my jar along. I was shaken when I saw Him. I held tight to my jar. I made sure my jar wouldn’t shake. I stood there watching my valiant King- He had no stately form or majesty. He had no appearance that attracted me to Him.( Isaiah 53:2) His appearance was marred more than any man. (Isaiah 53: ) He did not look like a King- He was despised and rejected by men. No one esteemed Him. People hid their faces from Him.

I did not want to hide my face or walk away like most. His appearance did not attract me, but His promises did. My soul found Him promising even in His lowest estate. The grief stricken one, understood my griefs. Man of sorrows He was, and acquainted with grief, He felt my burden and lifted it. He took my rebellion away and showed me He was pierced for it. My well being was His beatings. As I stood there looking at Him with tears on my face, I was healed because He was scourged. His body was broken and it made me whole.

I thought my jar would make me proud on the day I see my King. I was ashamed to look at my jar because in the presence of my King, my jar looked too insignificant. Everything I longed for was in a broken King. Essence flowed out of His broken body. My heart told me my jar was pointless.

 I still held it tight.

My King did not ask for my jar. As soon as He saw me, He began serving me and waiting on me. In my heart, I felt the tug. My jar did not satisfy me anymore. I have found a greater value. I have found a greater joy. The grip around my jar loosened. The only thing that weighed me down now was the jar.

My mind couldn’t understand where my heart was leading me.

I broke my alabaster jar!

My jar of potential, my jar of possibilities, my jar of hard work, great name and fame. That was the least I could offer to my King who was broken, because He taught me…

In surrender, there is strength.
In giving up, I am filled.
In dying, I am made alive.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. 25“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to life eternal.” John 12:24-25

“O, that we would not be put off by the paradox that pouring out our lives is the way to fullness. God would give us himself, but he would have us know that he satisfies most fully when he is shared most freely.”  John Piper


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