When the Bridegroom is Taken Away

Of all  the times I wrote about fasting, I don’t think I ever addressed the motive of

fasting. The motive of a biblical fasting is nothing but humbling ourselves or getting ourselves right with God and hungering for more of God.

Jesus said his disciples will fast when the bridegroom will be taken away. Mathew 9:15 
Imagine an altar where a marriage is going to take place. The bride and the bridegroom are present. Suddenly a tragic thing happens. The bridegroom is taken away. The bride is left at the altar. That day the bride enters into a life where she is going to long for the bridegroom. It is not going to be okay with her until the bridegroom comes back to her. 
We are that bride, the church. If we are not longing for the bridegroom, there is something seriously wrong with our affections. I had to question my mind as to why I was not longing for Jesus as I should. We are left at the altar. If we are not longing for our bridegroom, then, we are lost to the affections of the world. We might very well be the foolish virgins who completely forgot about the bridegroom’s coming. 
One of the motive of our fasting should be “It’s not okay with me Lord, until you come back. I am yearning for you. I am longing for you.” Occasional fasting will help us realize that we were indeed keeping us okay by intoxicating and medicating us with many comforts.

Jesus, We are sorry we have never fasted to long for you. we have fasted to get things from you. We have fasted for direction. But we have never fasted to desire you and yearn for more of you. We have been okay and we have learnt how to comfort us with food and other things. Please forgive us. Create is us a yearning for you. Give us a desire for you. Magnify our thirst for you. In Jesus name, Amen


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