School Room Make Over Tips

I have spent hours fussing over the state of books on the shelf and thought of many ideas to keep the books from falling over. I am not a born organizer, and organizing and maintaining some sort of system comes slow to me. I have often wished there was  self clean button on my book shelf like that of the oven.

The domino falling of the text books was almost driving me crazy and left the book shelf non functional.

After putting up the books every now and then, I realized I had some people lying around in the house who are wasting their lives that I could put to use. I enlisted some super powers to help me hold the books up. The rule is simple- if you want to live in my house, you need to work and put in your chores.

Kids were so proud of their super powers and the work they did for me, their creative minds found other chores for their buddies. They hijacked my “employees” without my permission and left my book shelf back to where we first started- Domino school days!

Before the launch of this school year, I spent some time praying and planning and researching ideas on how to keep the school shelf functioning without me spending my time putting the books back up standing every now and then. That is when I stumbled upon this life saver- Magazine holder.

Magazine holder has been the best find for me this school year. So far. 
I went to work immediately. I ordered some from Amazon and later found some in dollar store. I wrapped them up with gift wrap ( couldn’t stand their plainness) and stacked them on the shelf with text books in them, sorted according to subjects. If I needed parent manual, I just need to get the one labeled parent manual, that way no falling of text books domino style when one book is pulled out. 
Basically I divided the shelf into 5, one for each kid and two for extra books. I was able to put 5 magazine holders per shelf for the older kids. I could easily slip all their work books and any associated text books into each magazine holder. 
Now they look neat and functional, most importantly non-domino school days!
Here is the full shelf- My new Super Power- Magazine Holder System.
We also had another cabinet organizer in the school room  that needed labeling and sorting. I store all the craft supplies, toys, school supplies, manipulative, flash cards, paint supplies etc in this. 
I feel like I have tackled the major part of school room. Now to put them to good use.

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