Curriculum Choices 2014/15

Every year before school starts, we go through a crazy time of ordering the books, supplies and making sure we are armed with everything we need for the year. Now it is a sad thing that I usually don’t have the same energy and enthusiasm once we hit the second semester. There are many books not touched and not all lessons finished at the end of the year. The reasons are many and varied.

Children found the subject too hard/ too easy.
Life got busy and we never got to doing those lessons.
The Teacher ( Um… that’s me!) lost interest in the subject.
I probably invested too much money on something that was not really necessary for their age or development.

My children are really small. I still spend a lot time to read up reviews and pick up books and curriculum that suits their personalities and our life style.  That is what I have always liked about homeschooling. You can customize your children’s education. You can mold them into what God had made them to be, with prayers and discernment in choosing the right form of education for them.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a forum called the well trained mind forum. Though it is very popular among homeschoolers, I had not seen it up until then. I became a voracious reader of the forum and filled a lot of gaps on the different kinds of education and how to understand your child’s learning style etc. It was comforting and enlightening to know that all my children have differing learning styles, and just because one curriculum worked with one person does not mean that it should with the other kid. That is also when I heard about Classical Education for the first time.

The more I read about Classical Education the more convinced I became that this is how I want to build their foundation. You can read more about Classical Education here; So when it was time to pick up their curriculum, I added in a mix of Classical Education. This is our Curriculum choice for the 2014-2015 school year.

“Big Girl”- Second Grade

Bible- Grapevine Bible Studies
Language Arts- Abeka- Letters and Sounds 2, Language 2
Spelling- Abeka Spelling and Poetry 2
Reading-  Memoria Press Second Grade Literature. (Classical)
Writing- Writing with Phonics Abeka
Math- Math U See Alpha(brush through), Beta and Singapore Math
Science- Apologia- Exploring Creation with Astronomy
History-  Story of the World Volume 1
Latin- Memoria Press- Prima Latina

Mixture of Crafts and Arts
Music- Piano lessons

“Big Man”- First Grade

Bible- Grapevine Bible Studies
Language Arts- Abeka Letters and Sounds 1, Language 1
Reading- Memoria Press First Grade Classical Literature
Math- Math U See- Primer
Writing- Writing With Phonics 1
Science, Latin and History- attends the class with “Big Girl”. He is not expected to get everything or take tests,though.
Music- Guitar lessons

“Little Man”- Preschool

Learn to read with Hooked on phonics
Counting to 100, counting by 2, 5,10
Play, Play, Play!


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