Give the Ruler to Your Children

I taught my girl how to measure length when she was five. I gave her a tool to measure – a ruler. Even before I gave her the ruler she was still measuring, but quite inaccurately, and her perspective was limited. Armed with her ruler now she measured everything appropriately around her. She measured the length, the width and the height. When things did not fit in and she was ready to give up and move on, I gently taught her to tilt the ruler.

At times she had to turn the ruler from vertical to horizontal so whatever she was measuring could fit in. She measured the table, the chair, the shelf, even the palm of my hands.

She said, “mama, ‘this’ is longer than ‘that’.” She not only measured…she compared. She put things in perspective.

The ruler was the first measure she used. A ruler with lots of markings. When a small ruler could not fit in what she was measuring, she asked me for a bigger ruler.

Then there were things that were crooked. Things that could not fit in. When something did not fit in, she needed to change her pace. She needed to change her approach. She needed to make adjustments. She learnt everything could be measured as long as she had the right sized tool and the right approach.

At five, I just gave her a tool to measure the things around her, their length, width and height. As she grows, I will give her more tools to measure the physical world around her. She will learn to measure the weight the temperature the pressure and so on.

And then as her world grows, there will come a time when she needs to measure the spiritual world she is in. I need to give her the right tool to measure it. I bet she is already measuring, but I can see how she falls short of the right perspective when she says mama, “this” is better than “that.” When things don’t quite fit in, how she is ready to give up and move on. I see how without the right tool and right approach she can inherit a distorted perspective.

So, I need to give her the right tool again and lead her in the right approach.

This time it is again the Ruler. The Ruler and not the ruler. The Ruler with His markings. There is only one Ruler, no smaller and bigger ruler. She might have to take the Ruler with His markings and tilt it different ways, just so everyone and everything would fit in where it needs to.

My child, learn your Ruler. Learn His markings well. Learn His scribblings well so you know its worth. As you go out into the world, take this Ruler with you. Take your Ruler not the ruler with you, as He tilts, tilt yourself and you would see the scribblings well that makes you and your world fit in the grand scheme. He is the measure. Let him help you to measure things for its worth. Let Him help you to see and measure yourself well.

He is not just the Ruler, He is the Leveler too. He levels that is which is crooked. When you let the Ruler measure and give you spiritual understanding and you figure that they still don’t fit in, you need to change your pace, your approach and still you know your adjustments are not quite making it right,

Know my child, that He levels what you let Him rule and measure.

I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. Isaiah 45:2

There are also things that are concealed, things that you will not be able to measure or understand, Know my child that the Ruler still rules and He will one day level it.

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