Is Political Correctness the New Godliness?

For the longest time in my life, I spoke what I wanted to speak. No sooner had the words formed in my heart than the package left my mouth…sort of like the McDonalds drive thru.  The goodies are filled no sooner than they are dispensed thru the window. Someone always picked it up and drove away.

But then I noticed, I got in trouble sooner!

Trouble followed me and stayed with me like that car in the drive thru window that never drove away.

I thought I was bold and I thought I was godly. You know, bold like Esther speaking up for injustice, or courageous like Peter confronting Saphira and Simon the sorcerer. I was not afraid of confrontation. When the drive thru was empty for the longest time or when trouble stopped by the window and never left, I realized, something was wrong.

Then I learnt another way of speech. The non-confrontational, always-smiles, the three tier business model speech. You know the one you see in a car dealership when u go to buy a car. The sales pitch that always falls back on the “I will see what my manager can do,” when pressed in. And then the manager shows up and offers you something he REALLY cannot, but making an exception ONLY for you… because he is putting in a word with the corporate. The exclusivity draws you in as you multitask wondering where he was when you bought your last car and how many friends you were going to refer him to.

The car dealers. They never lose their smile but they know how to shovel their stuff down your throat wrapped in the choicest words. They only gave you what was in the allotment, but not until cornered, not without a “sweet fight”, lest you easily took away what was theirs!

The primary benefit of political correctness is protection of self. The secondary benefit is promotion of self.

Psalms 5:9 says, “Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;their heart is filled with malice. Their throat is an open grave. With their tongues they tell lies.”

David cries out further in Psalms 12: 1-2.  “Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore;
    those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor;
    they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts.”

“Taxes are now revenue enhancement; potholes are pavement deficiencies; people are no longer bald, they are only follicularly deprived, the accident that killed a patient at the doctors negligence is therapeutic mishap; poor people are fiscal under achievers; soldiers no longer kill the enemy, they neutralize the subject or serve the target.”

I saw how political correctness can work well for me to keep the trouble at bay and get the promotion I seek. Soon trouble left but deception lingered! I never had to kill anyone with an angry word, they would self destruct with emptiness and deceit.

If impulsiveness and rashness killed by breaking out fire and burning you alive, Political correctness killed by wrapping you in the icy cold blizzard that put away the fire in you.

I looked to Jesus to see how he spoke. I was so dying to learn the godly speech. When the Pharisees and the chief priest send officers to arrest him, they come back empty handed and when asked why they did not bring Jesus they reply: “No one ever spoke the way this man does.”

Oh for more grace to learn to speak the way this man does!

He is the Truth and His word is Truth.  John 17:17 There is nothing that develops truth in you than when you hear truth spoken.

He called the Pharisees, ” you brood of vipers for their evil speech. !”Calling sin out is godly!

He laments with trust and faith in God Mathew 27:46 – Lamenting with faith in God is godly!

He spoke with authority- Luke 4:32 Speaking in the authority of the scriptures is godly because Jesus gave authority to his disciples.

He was willing to be a mouth piece for God and suffer if need be Luke 22:70- suffering for speaking truth is godly!

He said the world hated him because he exposed its evil works John 7:7- exposing evil works is godly!

He challenged the systems that were a threat to the kingdom of God Mathew 21:30- challenging the systems that are a threat to the kingdom is godly!

He was also silent like a sheep to be slaughtered and a lamb before the shearers is silent- there is a place for silence too. Jesus was not afraid to speak. He was not afraid to be silent. His speech disturbed the crowd, his silence disturbed the rulers.

I believe the church of Jesus Christ has a lot to learn from this. I see the church has resorted to political correctness as the new godliness. Non confrontational, always-smiles, as far as possible keep political correctness with everyone model of Christianity. We should foster a culture where truth spoken in love is not prohibited. We should encourage receptivity beyond sensitivity. Church is not a car dealership where we draw people in with exclusivity and keep them euphoric by throwing in the extras for their car.

When within walls of the church is not the freedom to promote boldness and truth, we are setting up a culture that self destructs in deception. Political correctness will make us political prisoners in the church for which Jesus died and purchased our freedom. Please pray right now, that we do not fall into this deception and self destruct ourselves. Let’s look to Jesus and Learn!


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