I Will Hold Your Hands


While your hands are in the mold,

And your heart is being told,

I know you can be bored;

With mom’s constant scold.

Your restless legs, wandering eyes, and Frustrated groan,

They make every effort of mine look wasted and unknown,

I remember as I exhale that you were made with a plan,

And the One on the throne is still able and He can!

But my child, my love, my precious little one,

May your heart learn now from God’s only son.

That in the mold, in the scold, lies love in ton;

And in your Savior’s eyes, know you are number one!

I wrote this poem for Abi after a particularly hard day for her. Beginning of the school year is always a learning curve. New curriculums are being added, and there is CHANGE. Abi does not like change. This particular day I scolded her for resisting. Later that evening I thought I could have been a little more kind. Harsh tone, irritability and impatience all made its way through my scolding.

Then comes Abi with a card that she made during craft time. It says “Mom, you are very kind.” I had no words. Seriously?? Child, I thought I scarred you for the rest of your life and you tell me I am kind? Words flowed out through my fingers as I exhaled the grace received, and relived that day.



  1. Wowwww…Renju..it’s beautiful….Thank you for putting rest of us mothers to shame..Lol  I scold and irritate Johan all the time. I feel bad but pattern repeats just the same, when I have to get harsh with him to get his things done in a neat , orderly and timely way. Love him to pieces though. Wonder what he thinks of it .. The one good thing we do is always spend some quiet moments together, just he and I , talking about the day, his achievements, his weakness, spiritual stories, ideas for betterment etc. I’ve begun to cherish this time cos that’s when I can wipe away the hurts and spread healing into his soul, explain what mommy did and what she meant and apologize if i should.  Love you and your kids 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Nimmy. Never knew my feelings of shame on paper could make you reflect on your parenting journey. I know the power of communication that is so strong at bedtime. I wish I had the energy at that unholy hour when all my selfishness sprints out of me. Your words motivates me to envision something like that in the future where I could just speak, rewind and relive and erase any hurts and weave hope together. It sure does heal… us more than them!


  2. That was beautiful, Renju. It always amazes me how children are, especially when they are so young. Their love knows no bounds. Only as one gets older does it seems like some of that light fades. God bless Abi! She is lucky to have a mom like you! 🙂

    I know we don’t know each other…not very well anyway…but I am a friend of Santha Aunty’s and read an article of yours that she shared on Facebook.

    Take care & God bless…


    1. Thank you for your kind words Jasmin. Yes, the mercy that a child shows always makes me ashamed of my wrath (in a good way). Guess that comes from their hearts that have not been corrupted by evil.
      Thank you for introducing yourself. God bless you too.


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