Don’t Fear Danger, Be Dangerous!

wpid-instaquote-01-10-2015-21-54-20.pngWhen some kid die somewhere,  they say,  go home and hug your kids. I know…I get it. It is brevity that pauses you to think and appreciate life.  To stop and hug your kids, feeling their life with what is left of you, breathing their life into your soul and deeply somewhere rejoicing that your kid is alive and you are spared of that tragic grief, Again.

In the wake of the tragic Oregon shooting where they aimed for Christian heads,  oh, I hugged my kids! I breathed in their life and I told them, it’s an honor to die for the Lord. And then I prayed, Lord make them dangerous disciples.

Dangerous  to the evil in the world. When I write this, I don’t have the faith that it takes to be so. If tested, I pray, with my last breath I will cry for faith to be so.

Once,  persecution  was a thing of a heathen land, and we send missionaries out to  them knowing they would be martyrs.

Mothers, now a time is coming and is here, we think about living and raising our kids  to die for the Lord right here where we live. God, help America and help us to be fearless!



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