Child Training Bible Review and a Freebie!

Mindy from Child Training Bible send me this wonderful resource to use in our homeschool and to review.

First of all, the Child Training Bible is a tool or a supplement that you can use along with your bible curriculum to do an in depth study with the little ones on various topics related to training their hearts. If you ever sat with a group of toddlers for any amount of time, you must have come across them tattling. To handle tattling in our house we had the 3 b and 2 d policy. 3b-Bleeding, Broken, Barfing/ 2 d- Danger, Destruction.

That worked for a while until one of my daughters would come up saying she has a “B” to report.

Mom: Which B is it ?

Daughter: Broken.

Mom: What is broken?

Daughter: My heart is broken when brother did not share.!

When I found this bible resource, my heart went directly to the section, um…you guessed it, tattling.

How it works


This resource is made with the put off- put on method. There is a visual index chart that is provided, that goes in the front of the bible that shows the scriptures related to certain heart issues and why we have to put off that behavior and what to put on instead.

These are the heart issues addressed.


Some of the topics included are  Anger, Fear, Disobedience, Fighting, Lying, Wrong Friendships etc…(20 total). You can access these topics  through the ready to use tabs that you would place on the bible.

The visual index goes inside the bible on the front page.


I like that it is focusing not only on the sin but what the Lord would want to cultivate in us also. In addition to the heart issues, there is also a gospel section that explains and walks us through the scriptures related to salvation in Jesus Christ.

What is Provided

You are send 5 charts sized 8.75 x 5.75. One of them is a visual index chart that has to be placed in the inside front page of the bible. The rest of them contains scriptures used for each of the heart issues addressed. It serves as a visual guide to where the tabs are to be placed on one side, and on the other side it has 3 columns with questions that address the heart; How did Jesus act or what did Jesus do; and  a prayer for your child.

wpid-cymera_20150906_122324.jpg   wpid-cymera_20150906_122344.jpgwpid-cymera_20150906_122231.jpg

What you need to buy


You need to buy a bible that is sized 9″ by 6″ . Click here to check it out on amazon. I used a women’s study bible that I had which was not being used. You also need-


Post- it flags.

How to make it

It took me close to three weeks to highlight the scriptures and flag them on my bible. You can finish in a day or two if you are really motivated to do so. You go by first highlighting the scriptures and then tabbing the page using the same colored flag as the highlighter and the visual index chart.

The Pinterest site here shows you step by step how to start and finish this project.



How to use it


We use it in our bible time to discuss and learn about what God wants us to  put off and what God wants us to put on. There are some scriptures I found personally would be more applicable in certain heart issues because the Lord trained me through those. In those cases I always had the opportunity to add that extra tab and highlight those scriptures too. So if you find any of your favorite for a particular area is not covered, you can freely add them too.

Over all it is good to have in your home because the next time you don’t know how to address your child’s or your own heart issue and you want to think biblically, there is a resource right there that won’t take more than a few seconds to find. And, if used properly I am training myself and my children to think biblically and use the scripture as a means to go to, in times of wanting to  anchor my wayward heart. With over 200 scripture references, heart and gospel questions it sure is a keeper in our home.

When we were doing the section on complaining, I made these cute pocket hearts ( not included) for each of my children and taught them the scripture that was given, that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. They had a blast pulling out the complaining strip through the mouth and later thankfulness as they filled their heart with it.




So with a little creativity, you can use this tool as a supplement to your bible curriculum.

Mindy also has a virtue training bible that is available on her site as tool to go to pages of the scripture for instruction in 42 virtues.

We would love to send you the CTB charts free to one of you who will be randomly picked. All you have to do is to leave a comment on how you think the CTB could benefit you. This give away will end on Nov 15th. The winner will be announced and emailed. 



  1. I would LOVE to win this! I am in need of a good character curriculum and what better than to teach my children from the Bible itself. Thank you for the giveaway! God Bless.


  2. Great review on the bible. Thank you for sharing this great resource. I truly believe that the seeds we sow in the hearts of our children will go a long way and help them find their way when life comes at them. In my personal experience, I can tell you that the word of God that was sowed in me as a child has helped me through my teenage and troubled times. Even when I chose not to read the word, but the verses were already imbedded in my heart and mind brought me to repentance many many times.


  3. Raising three girls isn’t easy. It would be nice to have those important verses tabbed and easy for the family to reference when a subject comes up. The process of tabbing would make a great Bible study for my oldest and me. 🙂


  4. Not only is this Bible great to go over with children but as a parent, we need to read and be reminded of God’s word!


  5. This would be fabulous not only for my two children but for myself to use with them. Even though I was raised in a church, I walked away and didn’t learn as much as I could have! What a blessing it would be to be able to each myself with my children!


  6. This is the perfect tool. We want to use scriptures in dealing with these issues and it is difficult to come up with the appropriate verses promptly. This is just what we need.


  7. This would be such a blessing to our family! With 8 year old boy twins and a 10 yr old daughter, we’ve gotten to a point where referring to the scripture is our biggest help in resolving sibling rivalry, decision making for school, friends, just everything, and it’s the one option/resource they do not have an argument with, mama can talk til she’s blue in the face but when God’s Word says it…you can’t deny it. I typically google “scripture for…” if one doesn’t just come to me which is a lot of times but this is just the best I’ve seen so far. Standing on Prov. 22:6 for them!!


  8. I would benefit from this in my own life along with my children and husband. Everything I do my kids learn from, whether it’s positive or negatively. This would help me to try to be more positive in my actions and that in turn would influence my children. This is a great tool for a Godly life and I would love to win it!!


  9. I would actually like to win this for a friend as I am currently making one of my own. I’ve seen a huge change in the way my husband and I parent and I’m truly blessed to be able to have such a wonderful scripture based parenting resource and would LOVE to bless my friend with one of her own. She struggles with 3 kids and is overwhelmed and I know this would be a tremendous help for her. Thank u! 😉


  10. I really want to rear my future family to love and follow the Lord, but sometimes I wonder, “Where will I start? How will I know that I’m teaching them everything about the Lord that they need to know?” This resource would help me point my children (and me!) back to Bible truths and help us to think God’s thoughts after Him.


  11. I would to have this right now. We are currently working lying with my 5 year and respect with my 9 year old. We as a family could benefit as a whole. I always am looking for ways to show how God’s word can help me in parenting and how to show my children how it can help.


  12. This is such a great tool for parents. I have three boys and would love to be able to use this to point them toward scripture when issues arise.


  13. I love how this resource teaches children to go straight to the Source — to search the Scriptures for what God says about a given issue. While I hope that my children give weight to what I say, ultimately, I want my children to know, heed, and treasure what God says. I appreciate the simplicity of this tool — it’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and user-friendly. And I appreciate that it’s effective for all ages. Thanks for the review and giveaway!


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