Reject the Invitation to Rejection

You have long fought the battle of rejection. I don’t mean to pry on your business. But I have seen your war. I felt the dragging of your soul though your body was planted right next to me. Hey, you! yes, I  am speaking to you sister, you who sit with me in the pew.

I heard the chains and the dragging was familiar. It was my battle all along. I cannot let you go. So, here’s what I tell you.

Rejection is an invitation. It invites you to be adopted to the abandoned kingdom and enter the melancholic bungalow. The invitation is printed with cruel letters of disapproval and condemnation.

It is an invitation to hurt.

It is an invitation to malice.

It is an invitation to oppression and un forgiveness.

It is an invitation to nurture self pity.

It is an invitation to be paralyzed in fear and depression.

The invitation is only as attractive as the familiarity and bondage to the path. Bondage never lets you reject the invitation to rejection. Trust me when I heard those chains and turned around, I saw your soul carried away, as though you were following someone familiar.

I wanted to scream, wanted to pull you back. But you would never look my way.

Drawn to  the invitation you drove the fear vehicle of anger and envy, fueled by bitterness. You picked up the baggage of perceived pain and oppression on the way. You made your way thru the familiar path of lonely bitter woods. You turned on the victim key to enter the bungalow.

Once inside the bungalow your eyes are fixated on the framed trophies of the opportunists, ungrateful benefactors, ambitious achievers, and abusive authorities. You can only do two things inside the bungalow- sleep in the couch of oppression hugging the pillow of depression or be seated on the table of hopelessness  fixing your gaze on the above trophies with your two eyes named envy and malice. There are locust that eats away your plate called hope. You give in to slow death of depression. There are others in the bungalow, but their company is as miserable as your loneliness.

Today I come to you with another invitation. This is the invitation to adoption. Your invitation to the adoption kingdom. Perhaps you were already in the kingdom when you were dragged out. Then I want to give you a reminder.

Let’s take a walk of faith sister. Your ransom was already paid. Did you not see the blood on the invitation? That was your ransom. You are given a new name here. You can swap those stained clothes for new clothes of righteousness and hurry, you are invited to a banquet!  In the kingdom you live a life of restoration of the years the locus ate. Your plate called hope is renewed and you learn to reject the invitation to the abandoned kingdom. You use your promise card to disown your familiarity to the bondage.

The King’s Spirit comes home to live with you.

Trust me, the memories of the abandoned kingdom is powerful. It comes on like a broken record and plays the melancholic song. It lingers and stumbles, making you want to pick up the baggage of perceived pain, self pity leaking from all over your soul. Your choice of playing the forgiveness song overcomes the sting every time, finally breaking out love.

Love has to break out from the soul that leaks self pity. Do not let the framed people claim you from far.

When the familiarity of bondage creeps in and invites, spread the blanket of love that covers a multitude of sin. No, I hear you, they don’t deserve forgiveness… maybe only as much as you deserve hopelessness. 

Powerful are the clutches of bondage to familiar paths of pain, it can only be broken by the Praise Packed Promise.

Rejection has been overturned. O rejection, where is your sting? We reject your invitation and care less to even consider our dragging away in bondage. We overcome the familiarity of bondage with power packed praises on our lips. Our paths are marked by the King’s victories.

And, that’s not it, we are coming back for more. Us sisters, to take back more of us from your penitent cells of hopelessness. Watch Out!


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