A Disciple’s Prayer


Young family follow a cross on the road


Lord, how are you going to move today? Help me to follow you well.

If you are going to sleep in the boat, give me enough faith to calm the storm.

If you are going to be transfigured in my sight, help me enjoy the moment but move forward with the ordinary.

If you are going to tell me where to fish, help me put away my experience to your word.

If you are planning to meet with someone who I regard less, help me repent and give me your heart for them.

Help me not to stop the little ones from coming to you today or be indignant of the one who wanted the best place next to you!

Help me choose the good portion today and know that when you take your time and and feel gloriously late, you are doing things for your glory.

For the kind that cannot come out and cannot be done, would you help me pray more?

Help me to watch and pray today that I will not fall into temptation and if I did, help me to run to you and repent and be forgiven.

Help me to come back and thank you today for the blessings I received on the way.









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