Detachment Serves No-one

Detachment is the drug of choice that we take without remorse when we experience disappointments with God and life. It could be as simple as unfriending someone on FB to giving up on your routines or even quitting your ministry. When something is perpetually out of our control, we tend to lose hope in fixing the situation and are overwhelmed by the uncertainty and fear of failure.

Bible talks about a man named Jonah who was very disappointed with God because God let him down. He walks away pouting and unfriends everyone on his contact list and takes shade in a remote place. God meets with him and helps him see the big picture and the shortsightedness in his detachment.

The big picture is a giant puzzle that is beautiful. You and I are needed to complete it. When we detach ourselves, the big picture lacks exactly “our sized” contribution and will remain incomplete. Your life becomes meaningful when you use your life to put on display a giant picture of redemption. The comfort that comes from detachment is temporary. It melts away with the heat of purposelessness and barrenness. You will never be part of something bigger or ever bring delight to someone’s eyes nor will anyone be able to see a grand and inviting story that makes complete sense. When you are tempted to detach, and you go to self-preservation mode perhaps to prevent further heartache and to nurse self-pity, remember it is in belongingness and consistency that our purpose is redeemed.



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