Three Women Who Marched Well

From the beginning of this year, there has been a lot going on with regards to Women and their rights, the marches, and the protest. I get all worked up as well when I see women living thru injustice, and when the people in influence take away their dignity instead of protecting, and perhaps violating them and reducing them to nothing.

What do we do when subjected to stripping off of your dignity by kings, demoralized by men in influence, and demonized by people in power?

We protest by siding with those who voice the complaint. We march. I get it. I have been marching too. Somedays I do marches that goes out thru my fingertips as fiery words to educate my children against injustice. Other days I march on my knees,  hoping to be heard by the heavens.  And when asked to sit down, I am like the player who was benched and said to the  coach, ” I might be sitting, but inside, I am so standing!”

I am encouraged to know that the bible gives me stories of three women who marched well. All three women lived thru three different time periods, yet alongside our stories, they lived thru times of racial injustice, hate crimes, threatened to be reduced to nothing and rallied against for genocide.
The woman who marched out
Her name is Abigail. Nabal her foolish husband, not only angered a king-to-be but demoralized David. David rises up and gathers his soldiers with a resolve to kill all the members of the household of Nabal in retaliation. Upon hearing this Abigail grabs all the food she can and marches out to meet an angry David and greets him. End of the story, the king fell for her wisdom and diplomacy and restraints himself from any evil he planned against her household. I admire Abigail for her quickness of thought, her diplomacy, and her peacemaking skills with an angry king that prevented him from becoming a murderer. Meet the woman who marched out to influence a king- to- be who was taken over by revenge or retaliation and turned the situation in favor of her household.
The woman who marched in
Her name is Esther. She was forcefully taken in with many eligible virgins and chosen to be the queen of an impulsive king. At a time when the evil scheme of a powerful man was wielded against her people to wipe them out, she used her influence to march into the courts when not summoned,( punishable by death) having surrounded herself with supporters who fasted and prayed for her. This is a woman who marched in to change the laws of the land overnight and saved a nation from genocide.
The woman who marched around
The story of Jael is perhaps not taught in a Sunday school class. For a good reason. I don’t expect my daughter to get the ideas to drive a toy peg down the head of her sleeping brother. Graphic and violent what Jael did was to use her quick wisdom to pull down the upper hand of injustice.  She is a hero who did succeed in her mission and the most gratifying mission of her war strategy was that she stayed at home and drove the peg into the enemies head. The Lord had wanted some homemaking mama to experience the sweet victory of justice. This is a woman who did a march in her own home. I can identify with her.  I pour my heart out to God when I march from my kitchen to the living room and back— and believe I am touching heavens and making my cares known!

“Kings and armies flee in haste;
    the women at home divide the plunder.” Ps 68:12 


So whether you are marching out, marching in or marching around, my sisters, I pray that you are like one of these women, packed with wisdom, dignity and quick wit.


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