​Diffusers or Losers?

One who lost all money and assets is a bankrupt.  One who lost his parents- an orphan, One who lost his health- a patient, One who lost his job- an unemployed.  Many of the trials in this life has names. Names help us identify the pain and speak of them and be healed.
There are some pain that has no name, these are interwined with thousand other emotions, complicated by their messiness and despicable by their appearance. We would rather have not endured them. We don’t know how we got there, we can’t begin to unwrap them. We don’t know how to ever not know them or have them in our lives anymore. We had never heard of  it before and now the enemy tells us we are alone and hopeless, and  our name–‘Loser.’ 

 Potentially, yes. Although, I also think we are potential diffusers. 

The above verse says God desires to spread his fragrance through us.  Friends, it does not matter what your private pain is,  you are a potential diffuser but you are also very close to being a potential loser. 

The difference is what you would choose to become.

That special unnamed, unheard pain needs God’s knowledge to be spoken to and named, so it wouldn’t stay unnamed and undefeated for someone else. It wouldn’t be under the reins of the enemy keeping people captive to his tactics. 

God desires to lead us truimphantly as captives in Christ and spread His knowledge ( 2 Cor 2:14). Did you like me think triumphantly and captives were oxymorons?

Would you rather be a potential diffuser of God’s comfort and knowledge in your pain today?


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