The Word I Need

Have you ever picked up something by your hand and startled to find out it was alive? Next time, I bet you’d be careful how you handle it.

The word of God is alive. Matin Luther says: “It has feet, it runs after me; It has hands, it lays hold of me.” If I may add to Martin Luther’s quote below, I’d say…

It has good calories and it fills me up.

It is a fountain drink that satisfies my thirsts.

It is a live feed that I can scroll and be informed.

It is a library that stimulates my intellect.

It is a search engine powered with a quick word.

It is the auto correct that always shows me a higher standard.

It is the pharmacy that has in stock my cure.

It is the weapon of choice that helps me kill sin.

Finally, it is a Person Who makes it all meaningful.

Oh, how thankful I am for this living word, and how diligent I should be in picking it up.

In what ways have you encountered the word recently?

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