Who Hijacked You?

Occasionally I get hijacked. Not by terrorists. Not by aliens. But by very good people I see around me.  People who are well intentioned, perhaps.

Like the time, many years ago when a popular visiting  preacher came to our church and before I even got to say my name, his wife asked me,  “what do you do?” “I am fine,” I said, thinking she must have asked, “how do you do?” “What is your profession…what do you do?” she clarified.


Mind you,  this is before she even asked. My. Name!

That day my identity of (just!) a child of God got hijacked by her expectations.

Or the time when I had my 3rd (living) child, a friend who came to the hospital chose to see my sagging abdomen, over the sweetest newborn face, and told me “you need to do something about that abdomen.”

Ouch! 5th pregnancy and 2nd day into delivering a 7 pounder! My joy over the sweet newborn face faded and was hijacked as her hour-glass figure walked out the room.

These were from many years ago. And I’m sure eternity will reveal the many well and not so well-intentioned one-liners that I must have uttered to hijack the joy of many (double ouch!).

This is the world we live in.  Where, what you do, what you have, comes before whose you are and who you are.

Today it might not be my job or my figure that hijacks my purpose or joy, but the traditions of men, the basic principles of the world…they still shamelessly hijack my joy and purposes.
We need to be purposeful with our purpose. Don’t let anyone cheat you (hijack) and the season that you are in.  It is a tragedy when you can’t enjoy the season that you are in and your specific blessings because they don’t appear so to the world’s expectation.
Col 2: 10, Paul says in him you have been made complete. He is the head over all rule and authority!

The traditions of men, the basic principles of the world are not the authority. Jesus is! If you can experience Jesus as your authority in times of darkness, in times of oppression, in times of temptation, in times of failure, no one can hijack your joy or purpose.

In the darkness, He is my authority, I will trust in the Light of the world.

In temptation, He is my stronghold and I will trust in the one who has overcome and defeated sin.

In waiting, He is my Master who I will please and order my life.

In oppression, he is my victory and empowers me for the battle He already won.

Praying you will grow into and experience the authority of Jesus in your life today!

When was the last time you were hijacked?


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