Ground Zeros of Spiritual Life (Part 1)

Wikipedia defines Ground Zero as the point on the earth’s surface closest to a detonation. The term has come to be associated with any major disasters to mark the point of the most severe damage or destruction. In our spiritual journey, we will endure many ground zeros. If we ever think God will not allow our dreams and work be shattered if only you pray a little more; if only you would fast and walk in obedience, let me tell you, you are setting yourself up for a heartbreak.

In the year 1856, just six years after his conversion, the 21-year-old Spurgeon was preaching to a crowd in Surrey Hall, capable of holding up to twelve thousand, and that day was overflowing with an additional ten thousand people in the gardens. During the service, someone in the crowd yelled, “Fire!” The ensuing panic and stampede left several dead. Later Spurgeon looks back at the incident and says “Perhaps never soul went so near the burning furnace of insanity, and yet came away unharmed.”

Yes, believer, ‘nights of darkness’ and times of doom are allowed by the Sovereign hands.

Realities of Ground Zero:

The grief of losses- the loss of everything that once stood tall and strong, loss of lives, loss of innocence, loss of reputation, loss of health, loss of relationships, loss of identity, and loss of purpose are some of the losses we endure in varying degrees.

The overwhelming feeling of evil triumphed. Coming face to face with evil will strip away innocence because innocence cannot hold up to the knowledge of evil unleashed.

God’s seeming silence and the unbridled temptation to take things into our hands to make right.

Ensuing anger, and the need for vindication and validation.

Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and denial.

What To Do When You Face a Ground Zero

There is only one strategy that works in Ground Zero — WAR. That’s what America did with the Ground Zero of 9/11.

For a believer as we war against principalities and powers, our WAR is an acronym – Worship, Acceptance, and Rebuilding


Remember, the next few months or years are going to be smoke and dust along with dark clouds. It is a polluted place. There is no life. Death is rampant. The only thing you can do in a ground zero is to weep and lament – this is, worship. That’s what Job did in his ground zero- You give and you take away, blessed be your name Job 1:21


You will see people leaving you, people escaping when they can, people moving forward. Anyone who comes in to help you is in danger of their own safety. Death leaves a stench that forbids activities — this is Ground Zero, the holy ground that a sovereign God allows to rebuild His saints!

Pray for acceptance of the reality, remove pollution, grieve in any way it comes — anger, denial, guilt…

When people stay away, remember this is the site of death. Do not wish to drag others into your ground zero for validity. Accept loneliness, stench, and pollution along with the dark clouds.

Forgive and do not be bitter against those who did not stay and be grateful for anyone who shows up with courage risking their safety.


Remember the one who allowed destruction is also the ancient rebuilder. He promises:

And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in. Isaiah 58:12

Restoration begins only after the destruction is complete and rescue is accomplished. It is a long way off and it is another post.


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