Transformed to His Image

In the agro-farming culture of the Old and New Testament, God revealed himself using the word picture of animals. Some of the events in the the life of Jesus fulfills the said metaphors. For example, you have the Lion of Judah, the lamb that was slain, the hen that gathers its chicks… 

Among these there was one comparison that did not sit well with me. 

Jesus as a worm?
In Ps 22:6, David talks about being a worm. 
Spurgeon says ” How could the Lord of glory be brought to such abasement as to be not only lower than the angels, but even lower then men. What a contrast between ‘I am’ and ‘I am a worm.’ ”
State of a worm shows- helplessness, powerlessness, unnoticed and despised. 
Jesus fulfills this prophesy- Mathew 27:39-44.

Being the South Indian that I am, I don’t think I appreciate anything less than a lion, I can do with the hen, maybe stretch to liking the lamb, but a worm? 😨

I see two implications for this- 

1)When I participate in the Lord’s table,  I remember Him as the Lion that roars, the lamb that was silent and the worm that  was helpless and crushed — for me! 

2)We are called to be transformed to His image and bear His marks in our lives.  We will also carry the marks of all these symbols. He will give you authority like a lion, He will also make you gather the youngs like a hen, He will help you silently suffer like a lamb and be slaughtered,( yes, it is coming), and He will also make you look like a worm despised and powerless, helpless, an object of scorn- ouch!- for Him! 
Remember He has overcome the world. Maybe this is where the Lord wanted us to say, “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me?”


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