Navigating the Ground Zero’s of Spiritual Life- Worship (Part 2)

Ground Zero’s speak of stories of casualties. There had been a catastrophe of colossal magnitude. There is devastation all around. In your spiritual journey when you face a ground zero after you have taken a monumental hit, equivalent to kilotons of an atomic blast, there is not just one explosion that you survive, but many.

It was said that the survivors from the World Trade Center on the aftermath of 9/11, could hear explosions which they thought were bombs falling rapidly but later understood to be the sound of cars exploding on the street, sparked by the flames and heat that followed the towers’ demise.

Everything parked around your life explodes as you get hit and come down. It is grief upon grief. At least that is what the book of Job says in Job 1. A messenger arrives to tell Job that his children had suffered some loss due to the enemy raiding them, and while he was still speaking another came and reported the second explosion; while he was still speaking yet another came to tell him of the death of his children…

This is ground zero…While you are still processing one, another comes, then another…still another…

Disorientation is the only optimal human response to such immense trauma. Interestingly, Job shows another desirable response:

Then Job arose, tore his robe, shaved his head, and fell on the ground and worshiped. He said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1: 20-21.

You will face yourself being disoriented, denying the devastation and the ruins, and to want to hold on to what was meaningful. In between the sobbing and the anxious turmoil of denial, the only meaningful response is worship.

“How?” you may ask.

The colossal injustice, the imprecatory betrayal, the surmountable shame and the unidentifiable devastation that feels so surreal and so undeserving is exactly what God allowed, if you would, to magnify His name through you.

When the seal of your life was ripped open and the evil was unleashed, did you know that He had His seal of approval on it? 

Job worships God in the same chapter of losses, not in the next chapter. Not after the dust settled. In fact, verse 20 says, “Then Job arose..” When? At the information, he had just received that brought his life down. At the coming down of everything that once was.

At the news of the diagnosis…

At the confirmation of an unseen betrayal…

At the news of the death of your loved one…

At the loss of your job, or worse yet, at the dishonorable discharge from the place you invested a lifetime…

There is worship at ground zero. Choose to worship now and in the next, break down and roar.

That is how we get through dark moments, pouring, roaring and occasionally abhorring this life…it’s okay…but we interspace it with worship because:

Faith has many faces, and the most common one is unkempt, unsure, forsaken and fearful, but, with an upward gaze— That is the face of worship in Ground Zero!


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